RLFB „Digitale Medien im FSU“

I. Textarbeit mit Lehrwerktexten am Beispiel „A taxi ride in NYC“

1. What do you know about New York?

  • discuss with your partner and post your ideas here (code 43 52 28).

2. Listen to the songs of Alicia Keys and Frank Sinatra and answer the questions with your partner

helpful vocabulary:

Alicia K.: mean – ärmlich; marquee – Vordach; concrete – Beton; curfew – Sperrstunde; to compare – vergleichen

Frank S.: to spread – verbreiten; to stray – umherstreunen; heap – Hügel; to melt – schmelzen

  • how do they see New York in their songs? Use your own words.
  • can you see any differences in the way they describe the city?
  • which positive and negative aspects does A. Keys talk about?
  • which song do you like more? Why? (100 words)

3. Now, go to learningapps.org and create your own quiz on basis of what you´ve just learned about NY (word cloud, text, songs, …)

example I and example II

II. Lehrwerkunabhängige Texte

Sword in the Stone H5P

Learning Snacks