Guided Writing

  1. This is a possible solution for a guided writing. Read it carefully and do the tasks to find out about the structure of a guided writing.
  2. Now, follow the rules we have just talked about and write a guided writing according to this task. Don’t forget to
    • mention every single prompt and add three ideas to each of them.
    • organise your ideas logically and use linking words/phrases.
    • use a good and correct range of grammar structures and vocabulary.
    • write a suitable beginning and ending.


This short film based on true events is about a handicapped boy who is trying to push his limits.

  1. What is the film about? Take notes while watching the film and give a short summary of it to the class.
  2. Who are the most important characters in the film? Give a short characterization of them.
  3. Choose one scene of the film. What is it about and explain why you did so. It can be important for the film or for you personally.
  4.  Write a diary entry from Matt´s point of view on the evening before the race (about 150 words).