10e English Passive Key

In 1588 the Spanish Armada was defeated by the British.
In 1603 England and Scotland were united.
In 1865 Abraham Lincoln was murdered.
In 2001 the World Trade Center was attacked by two airplanes.

You will be invited to the United States by your relatives.
You will be given a present by one of your friends.
You will be stopped on the motorway by the police.
You will not / won’t be hit by a car.

The hooligans were taken to the police station.
They were asked questions.
They were put into prison.
Next day the men were sent home.

One driver has been brought to hospital.
The fire brigade has / have been called.
(The) Reporters have been sent away.
The road hasn’t been cleaned.

A cake is being baked.
The carpet is being cleaned.
The flowers are being watered.
The baby is being fed.

The tomatoes are cut into small pieces.
The tomatoes are heated in a small amount of oil.
Salt and sugar are added to the sauce.
The sauce is poured over the spaghetti.