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Dublin Lawyer

This Irish classic is very expensive. It uses fresh lobsters, which have to be killed before cooking. Some people prefer ready-cooked lobster. They serve it with a sauce made of cream and whiskey.

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This traditional Irish bread is made with yeast and lots of fruit like raisins and candied peel. You can also add black tea or even whiskey. Many Irish make this bread during the winter months, especially for Hallowe’en. It’s very similar to the German “Stollen”.

English recipe:

German recipe:–barm-brack-.aspx

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When the potatoes arrived from America in the 16th century, they transformed Irish food. The people of Ireland had been very poor and with this cheap food they finally had enough to eat.

Colcannon is a classic Irish dish with mashed potatoes, cabbage or kale and cream. You can also add butter if you like.

English recipe:

German recipe:

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Irish Stew

One-pot cooking (using only one pot to cook a whole meal) doesn’t get much simpler than Irish stew. Traditionally, you use mutton for Irish stew. You cook it for hours, adding onions and potatoes and even carrots. Because many shops and butchers don’t sell mutton, you can also make it with lamb. To give it extra flavour, add thyme, parsley and bay leaves.

English recipe:

German recipe:–Trinken/Irische-Rezepte/Eintopf/Irish-Stew/