Conditionals I-III

Watch this short video and think about rules for conditional III.

Now, let´s check the rules (tenses and usage) for each conditional.

Conditional I Conditional II Conditional III
Form (How?)
  •  if-clause: simple present
  • main clause: will/can/must + Inf.
  • if-clause: simple past
  • main clause: would/could/should + Inf.
  • if-clause: past perfect
  • main clause: would/could/shoule + have + 3rd form
Function (When?)
  •  sth is realistic
  •  sth is not realistic but possible
  • sth is impossible (happened in the past)
Example  If I buy the car, I will take you for a ride.  If you gave me a chance,  I would take it.  If you had listened, you would have known it.

After you have finished, fill in the worksheet and do exercises here.