C8_preparing for short test_listening

Dear students,

  1. Let’s do a Listening Comp. Native Americans.
  2. please revise your Voc_U3
  3. please work on your reflexive pronouns. Use the links below.

reflexive pronouns – exercise 1

reflexive pronouns – exercise 2

reflexive pronouns – exercise 3

reflexive pronouns – exercise 4

reflexive pronouns – exercise 5

reflexive pronouns – exercise 6

Preparation for our fifth vocabulary test


Gras, Natur, Feld, Frühling, Wiese, Hase

Dear 9d,

if you like, you can learn the vocabulary for our test on 10th April, with these quizlets. You´ll find the words in your book on pages 133 and 134. Remember to take a look at the phrases, synonyms, antonyms, etc. you find there as this will greatly help you in the test.



Happy Easter!

15.03.2018 – Preparation for our English test

Hello dear all!

As promised, here´s some information on our English test on Tuesday (March 20, 2018):

  • Grammar: passive (a) forming the passive and b) active vs passive)
  • Vocabulary: p.131 + 132
  • Listening

Some of you asked me for some more exercises on the passive and of course, I´m always happy to deliver. At page 29 of your workbooks, you´ll find the text „A schoolboy´s dream“. If you want, do the task, the solution is right here:

WB p. 29 solution

If you still have questions, please don´t hesitate to contact me!

I wish you the best of luck!