Vertretung 9d 14/12/17

Some exercises for you to practise! 

Always take a screenshot of the completed exercise.



The Passive Voice – Exercises

 repeat the passive voice: bis: Passiv mit Hilfsverben)

  1. Do the following exercises:

Fact or Fiction?

W&P, Life in 19991. This is what people in 1966 thought about life in 1999.

  • Describe what you can see (1 minute).
  • Are there any things which came true?


2. What did kids in 1985 think about life in the year 2000?

3. What do kids of today think about life in 2050?

  • What do they think how life will be in 35 years.
  • Do you think these predictions are realistic? Give arguments for your answers.

4. What do you think about life in 2050?

  • Find and present pictures which illustrate your ideas. Describe and explain why you chose these pictures
  • Write a text about 150 words about how life will be in 2050.