Digitaler Unterricht Praxisorientiert

New York

1. What do you know about New York?

  • discuss with your partner and post your ideas here.

2. Listen to the songs of Alicia Keys and Frank Sinatra and answer the given questions with your partner

helpful vocabulary:

Alicia K.: mean – ärmlich; marquee – Vordach; concrete – Beton; curfew – Sperrstunde; to compare – vergleichen

Frank S.: to spread – verbreiten; to stray – umherstreunen; heap – Hügel; to melt – schmelzen

  • how do they see New York in their songs? Use your own words.
  • can you see any differences in the way they describe the city?
  • which positive and negative aspects does A. Keys talk about?
  • which song do you like more? Why?

3. Now, go to and create your own quiz on basis of what you´ve just learned about NY (word cloud, text, songs, …)

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